Traffic Rules 101

Wait for the signs and signals,
Follow the traffic rules.
Red, yellow, green light.
Don’t fight.
Red, yellow, green light,
Wait for it.

Green light,
Go ahead make your move.
The traffic may go ahead,
The road is ready.
The road is all right with you moving.
The road wants you to move.
Green light,
Go ahead.

Yellow Light,
Don’t move.
Keep a watch,
Wait for it.
Wait for it and don’t make a move.
The road may not like you to move,
The road may like you to move.
But you need to wait and watch.
Yellow light,
Wait for it.

Red Light,
Don’t make a move at all.
The road doesn’t want you.
Don’t make a move.
You’re not allowed to go ahead.
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
It’s a red light,
Don’t jump the red light.
What? Nobody is watching? It’s harmless?
Nobody is watching. It’s harmless.
It’s harmless to jump the red light.
The red light means a ‘no’
The red light means ‘you can’t’.
But in our country, people often jump the red lights.
The red light stands still,
Screaming ‘No’ through all her reds.
But you don’t listen,
You don’t listen,
You don’t listen,
The red light is watching you moving.
So you pick up a rod and
break the fucking red light.
Fuck her ‘Nos’
Fuck her ‘don’ts’
Fuck her ‘you can’ts’
Fuck her.
Fuck. Her.

There is no signal
Yet there is a signal.
The signal that only you see.
You see,
Doctors say what you see and other’s can’t can be a sign, can be a signal
Of a mental disorder.
The red light would still order you to not move,
But ignore her.
In our country people often jump red lights.
Specially in nights when she is standing alone screaming a ‘No’ but there is no one to look at you jumping her.
There is a signal,
Yet there is no signal.
We don’t listen to No in our country.

So before stepping out,
Make sure you own a private jet for prevention.
You need to prevent yourself,
Prevent, you know,
She went outside without preventions,
Attention seeking bitch,
Got stuck in traffic jam
in our country with no signals.
And don’t you tell us that we didn’t warn her
that we might warm her.
We told her to prevent herself so that we rape someone else because we don’t see signals.
You see,
We just see the green lights,
and every woman out there flashes a green light,
under her veil of red lights
because red doesn’t mean No,
It has the highest wavelength so it attracts one quickly.
So if you find a woman wearing a sexy red dress,
tell her that she is a red light
which means No
No signal.


About Author:


Pranjal Asha is a feminist based in Delhi, currently pursuing her bachelors degree in Miranda House, Delhi University. She loves to write about Indian Cinema, Fashion and Political Affairs.  An Indo-Pak peace activist, she aspires to become a film maker. She is also a spoken word poet, and a learning photographer.

Pranjal loves Delhi and loves to call it Dilli. If you happen to visit Delhi anytime, you can spot her around the campus area and almost everywhere with her boyfriend and her camera.

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