Statement in condemnation of child rape and killing in Kasur

With regard to recent rape and murder of a 7-year old Zainab, a news article shared that more than 700 child abuse cases were reported in Kasur since 2015 including that year’s child sex abuse ring scandal. It is more crucial now than ever that we acknowledge the utmost importance of sex education. How many more children will it take for us to realize that condemnation and prevention of a crime is not what is ‘obscene’, it is the commission and active normalisation of it that must be looked down upon.

The government’s complacent role in prevention of sex-education and awareness on sexual violence must be condemned. What has the state done to reduce the violence? These are questions that need to be asked. We live in a society where our media regulatory authority PEMRA deems tv shows such as Udaari as ‘obscene’ for trying to raise awareness regarding sexual predators and paedophilia but otherwise approves media content which shows hate speech, abusive husbands, and violence against women.

We want the ability to talk about these issues without them being labelled as something ‘vulgar’ and ‘obscene’ attracting censorship. We need a greater space for discourse.



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